Log In Screens
Initial Dashboard, which needed to handle various levels of client engagement, starting with the default use case on top, and heading to a fully customized solution at the end.
Alternate View for Fully Customized Solution
User Account Settings/Information
Event Creation Screens for Administrators
Organization Management for Administrators
Analytics for Administrators 
Health Section
Email Redesign for Sign Up/Conversion from CorporatePerks (old platform) to Perks at Work (new platform)
Some Dynamic Data Driven Widgets for Shopping Section
Program Update Pages and Email Contact
Some Concepts for Pre-Launch Pages
Mobile View Concepts
Navigation Studies for PAW. There is a lot of back and forth here as it presents a fundamental change to our businesses. Each LOB Owner had different opinions [and that reflects in the actual implementation unfortunately]. I'm still pushing on changes here.
Offer/Perk Detail Page Studies and Concepts
Learning Section Designs
Travel Section (Internal)
Offer Detail Page and Review Submission
Perk Creation for Administrators
Product Collection Concepts
Other Sections

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